07 Oct. 18

Fall Furnace Tuneup Tips

Fall is here and it is time to get your furnace ready for the upcoming winter season. Performing your pre-season maintenance can save you money and the hassle of mid-winter repairs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Replace your air filter– Many people allow months and maybe even years to go by before changing the air filter in the furnace. Failing to do so can cause inadequate air flow, and it may even cause the furnace to fail by preventing the unit from firing up when you call for heat.
  2. Check the thermostat-A lot of the times your thermostat may trick you into thinking that there is a problem with the system. If the differential is improperly set, your unit may not be hitting the temperature that you want it to. Also, if your thermostat runs on batteries, now would be a good time to change them.  Smart thermostats are also a great idea to keep in mind for this winter. This type of thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home right from your smartphone and will even learn your schedule! This way you save energy during the hours when no one is home or when everyone is asleep.
  3. Test the Carbon Monoxide Detectors– It is an imperative investment to make in your safety to replace or install CO detectors in your home. They alert you when the levels of carbon monoxide in your home are dangerously high. This is especially important in the winter because furnaces are one of the main causes of high levels of CO in the home. It is odorless and will not be detected without these alarms present.
  4. Schedule a tune-up– A tune-up is a cleaning and efficiency check for the unit. Only a certified HVAC technician can perform this procedure correctly, but if completed, it can save you money on your energy bills because the furnace will be running more efficiently. Most furnace manufacturers also require annual maintenance to maintain your warranty.

Schedule your $69 Furnace Tuneup today and protect against breakdowns all winter long! We service all makes and models of oil, gas, and electric furnaces and never charge extra for nights, weekends or holidays. Schedule today and avoid the rush!