15 Jan. 18

Take a Load Off of Your Gas Furnace with a Heat Pump

Surviving a frigid winter means running the furnace day and night to keep your home comfortable. Many of us can’t even imagine going one day without heating when the temperatures hover below 30 degrees for most of the season. No one likes to pay the outrageous gas bill, but it is a sacrifice that many of us to make in order to stay warm all winter long. But what if you didn’t have to make that sacrifice?

What is a heat pump?

It is possible to reduce your energy bills by pairing your current gas power furnace with an electricity powered heat pump. A heat pump is a two in one unit. It uses electricity to move heat to effectively provide heating and cooling. An air source heat pump works by pulling the hot air inside the home to the outdoors in the summer. By removing the heat from inside the home, the temperature is lowered. In the winter, the heat pump pulls hot air from the air outside and pumps it indoors. This type of unit is extremely energy efficient and will cost less to run than if you were to use the gas furnace.

Why not just install a heat pump?

Extremely cold temperatures do not allow homeowners to only run heat pumps in their home. It is better to have your gas furnace paired with the heat pump. On the days when the air outside is bitter cold, the heat pump is not able to pull enough heat out of the air to generate enough heat to get the temperature at a comfortable level. On the days when this happens, you can use the gas furnace as the primary heat source.

By having both units in your home, you will be able to take a huge load off of your furnace. Using the furnace less frequently will lower your  gas bill, and having both units gives you the flexibility to choose which unit will cost you less to run. During times when electricity costs more you can opt to use the gas furnace and vice versa. You may even extend the life of your furnace because you are putting less of a strain on the unit by using it less frequently.

High efficiency furnaces

Also, pairing the heat pump with a new high efficiency furnace will increase your energy savings even more! There are new high efficiency gas furnaces on the market nowadays that are over 95% efficient with the gas that they consume. If you haven’t replaced your unit in over 15 to 20 years, the system in your home is probably horribly inefficient when compared to the newer models. It may seem like a bit of an investment right now, but within a couple years, your new systems will have paid for themselves in energy savings.

Pairing your gas furnace with an electric heat pump is a great way to save money on your energy bills. By sharing the load, the two units will work together to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all winter long.

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